State of AI for Lawyers

September 13, 2023

We all have seen how AI can help with repetitive tasks, brainstorming or even suggesting weekly meal plans! But can it be used in a more high-risk environment? After all, if ChatGPT makes a mistake in a brainstorming session, that’s one thing, but in court? Suffice to say, the consequences for mistakes, misinformation, or other inaccuracies are a lot higher in court.

What do the Lawyers say?

Mark Zijlstra, legal tech consultant from leading Dutch tech law firm, ICTRecht, and Alexander Irschenberger, our VP of strategy and a former lawyer himself, talked about the practical approach to the questions AI brings to the legal counsel.

‍What topics are we looking at?

  • State of generative AI for lawyers
  • How to approach AI tools
  • Case study on using GPT-4
  • How will AI look for lawyers in the next 5 years

‍The bottom line is that AI creates unique opportunities and problems for lawyers. In a world where certainty is the key, mysterious aspects of AI, such as black boxes, can be frightening. Where AI thrives on generalized conclusions based on wide data sets, do these data sets create problems with jurisdiction-specific legal questions? Needless today, someday, we have to talk about it.

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September 13, 2023 2:00 AM
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State of AI for Lawyers

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