How to scale your employment contracts

March 10, 2022
16:00 (CEST)

A new employment contract is a cause for joy and celebration. It’s a testament to your growth. It’s a new recruit coming to enrich your team with unique talents and fresh perspectives you and your business can learn from and grow with. And it’s proof that you have an attractive workplace in competitive times where recruitment seems more challenging than ever.

Yet, working with employment contracts causes no joy at all for most people. It’s just a piece of the paperwork you need to sort out. A necessary evil, if you will. No matter whether you are working in HR, in a legal team or as a founder overseeing all the legal work in your company, employment contracts are something that you need to get over with, so you can move on to the fun stuff.

But as you grow, you will have to hire more and more people. And you will have to create more employment contracts. That is, of course, unless you optimize your work and find a better way to scale your legal HR-work.

That is exactly what Soundboks did. Soundboks have seen tremendous growth in the past years. Their famous speaker is sold in more and more counties, and they’ve had to triple their headcount to keep up. Thanks to their setup in Contractbook, they’ve managed to do so in a scalable and efficient way.

We invited Hans August Carlander, Chief People Officer Soundboks, to show us how Soundboks have managed to scale their employment contracts. Together with our Sales Director, Alexander Irschenberger, he explained how they manage their employment contracts easier, faster and at scale and gave tons of inspiration on how to implement this setup in your business in just 15 minutes.

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March 10, 2022 1:00 AM
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We've invited the Chief People Officer of Soundboks to show us how you scale your employment contracts and manage HR-contracts in the most efficient way.
How to scale your employment contracts

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