Breach of conduct

A code of conduct breach can be a serious situation to find yourself in - whatever side you are of the circumstances. Therefore, it is imperative that anyone involved in a breach of professional conduct fully understands the severity of the situation so that it can be resolved as quickly and appropriately as possible. Here is a breach of conduct definition so that you can be sure you know what one is and how they work.

What is a breach of conduct?

A breach of conduct meaning is, in short, an act that violates terms set out in a policy pertaining to conduct. Importantly, that act does need to be intentional. Instead, anyone can be guilty of a breach of conduct if they mean to do so or not.

A code of conduct is not an unusual document to have within a company or organization. As such, all that are subject to it should ensure they read it thoroughly to know what standards they are to maintain. A code of conduct will often simply set out rules relating to the responsibilities and practices to which an employee needs to adhere. A code of conduct breach can occur easily, as a result, if that employee does not take the time to familiarize themselves with those rules. 

How does a breach of conduct work?

What transpires from a breach of conduct will depend entirely on the severity of the breach involved as well as the company that established the code of conduct. Some firms may only give a warning letter breach of code of conduct. In that letter, an employee may be given set targets to meet to ensure that it does not happen again. However, it may be, according to how serious the breach is, that there are grounds for dismissal from the company. This should all be clearly written in any employment contract and code of conduct documents, so employees are clear from the outset what is expected of them.

Advantages of a breach of conduct

While legal disputes may arise from a breach of professional conduct, there are advantages to them. Firstly, it can offer a legal remedy to a situation that has transpired whereby a company wishes to dismiss or discipline an employee. However, being able to seek action should a breach of conduct occur is also helpful. For, by making an employee responsible for their actions, a business can attain a culture of high quality within a company. 

A code of conduct provides firms with an opportunity to enhance a culture - not through fear of what may happen if an employee does something wrong - but by encouraging employees to be the best they can be when working on behalf of a firm. When written in a certain way, a code of conduct can be hugely motivational and inspiring, not a negative piece of policy. However, having the possibility of a breach of conduct does also help support the code’s intention. Due to the ramifications that transpire following a breach of conduct, the code is even more likely to be followed. 

Contractbook and breach of conduct

Contractbook can help in situations where a breach of conduct arises in a number of ways. Firstly, the contracts that are created through our templates and software are clearly written and understandable. Plus, they are negotiated easily by both parties. The result is that all parties involved fully understand the legal position of the other, as well as what is required of them to uphold the agreement. Finally, given that Contractbook’s agreements state what will happen should a code of conduct breach occur, legal disputes from them reduce. 

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