This article provides a brief introduction to cloud technology which storages information on external servers.

The term “cloud” covers a range of internet-based technologies and solutions such as software, databases, storage, analytical tools or networks that are accessible online. Companies that offer these types of services are known as cloud providers, and they often profit by providing the service as a subscription.

Cloud technology is a paradigm that has become increasingly popular in recent times. Products such as Dropbox and iCloud allow the user to store their documents in an external and digital format, safeguarding against the loss of these files in the event of a computer breaking down or being stolen.

Cloud solutions have become very popular

Advantages of cloud computing

One of the great benefits of cloud computing is that you as the user don’t have to install or create your own software, and since it is automatically updated and maintained, you are liberated to focus your efforts on your main tasks. Some skeptics criticize cloud technology for being dangerous, but it is important to keep in mind that everyday products such as email services are also cloud technologies. Amazon’s data centers, which is where many website servers are stored, are oftentimes more secure than private servers.

Cloud solutions are inexpensive to use, since no purchase of hardware or software is necessary. You also avoid installing your own data center, which would be costly in terms of operation and cooling.

‍Another benefit of cloud computing is its scalability. Sharing documents across the globe is straightforward, and the resources can easily be scaled in accordance with access and storage. Cloud solutions are accessible from anywhere in the world, as long as you have a computer with internet access and the necessary access credentials (typically a username and password).

Contractbook as cloud

SaaS (software as a service) platforms, such as Contractbook, are stored externally. With Contractbook, you can store your templates, contracts and agreements in the cloud, ensuring that they are not lost if something should happen to your computer.

‍At the same time, you are able to retrieve your agreements anywhere in the world and grant more people access to these documents. By granting lawyers and colleagues access to your legal documents, you ensure high quality and satisfying agreements. Contractbook facilitates a cloud-based contract management system.

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