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In the days of enhanced health and safety, consent forms have become commonplace. That being said, just because they are commonly used, does not mean that they are commonly used correctly. Here, we look at a consent form definition and how to create a robust consent form template. Doing so will mean that should you need to use one for your work, you will have an excellent consent form example to use.

What is a consent form?

While a consent from meaning can be superficially understood just from the term - it is a form which records a person’s consent - there is more to it than just that. 

For, a robust consent form will inevitably need more than a signature next to the sentence ‘I give my consent for XYZ to do ABC’. When looking at a consent form sample of past documents used, it is common to find that a consent form also stipulates more about what the dangers are of a procedure or activity that a person is consenting to. In that way, consent forms are often used to ensure that a person is aware of and fully understands what they are agreeing to.

How does a consent form work?

A consent form works by one person acknowledging that they are happy with the service another person is providing in the future. As a result, any good consent form template or example should be written clearly and simply. The use of jargon and terminology that can easily confuse should be avoided. The whole point of a consent form and how it can be helped to work properly is that the participant is able to read and understand the dangers and other details surrounding the procedure or activity they are giving consent to. 

Importantly, to work as a record, a consent form needs to be signed by the individual in question. In doing so, should anything go awry in the procedure or future, there is less grounds for that individual to take legal action against the provider of the service. In that way, consent forms are consistently used in the medical industry. 

Advantages of a consent form 

There are a number of advantages to a consent form. Firstly, it protects both sides. It does so by recording that much needed consent. It means that there is a document that a party can produce as evidence showing that the other party was happy with the procedure or activity before it took place. It also shows that they were taken through all the pitfalls that could arise as well as any other necessary details. 

However, a consent form is also an opportunity for an individual to ask questions. It provides a forum and the start of a conversation which can allow them to gain greater understanding about what a procedure or activity really constitutes. That is very important in the case of a medical practice, as there may be many aspects of a medical procedure like a surgery that a person is ignorant to. 

Contractbook and consent form

Given that a consent form meaning is to protect both parties’ interests as well as iron out any issues or worries before an event, consent forms are a useful piece of legal documentation. At Contractbook, we can create one using our contract editor software easily so that consent forms can be replicated for future parties when needed.

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