Operating agreement

Getting an operating agreement in place is crucial for so many businesses before they start any operating activities. Knowing what an operating agreement is, is therefore key for any company that needs to outline some fundamental business terms and conditions.

What is an operating agreement?

An operating agreement is a vital document for LLCs (Limited Liability Company) as it delineates key information regarding a company’s financial structure as well as how the firm is regulated. It will also outline rules with regards to the internal operations of the business. A good business operating agreement will identify clearly how a company is run and should be set out so that it meets the needs and requirements of those who own the business. 

How does an operating agreement work?

An operating agreement provides detail surrounding how a business will run in the future. Our operating agreement template takes into account the organization and management of the firm - as any good operating agreement sample will do. It gives clear direction on what is allowed by the management and what the company’s intentions are. It also delineates any capital contributions and a company’s bank account as well as allocations and distributions. In practice, that means how much each member gets remunerated according to how much of the company they own. Importantly, an operating agreement (like ours) should also outline the ownership of company property and how member interests can be transferred, as well as sold. 

An operating agreement will also work by detailing how voting, consent and meetings of members should be run, and when. Plus, if, and when, it is needed, such an agreement will also outline how a company is dissolved and wound up. Finally, an operating agreement will also clarify the limitation of liability and indemnification of a company as well as how membership to the firm is evidenced. There may well (as there is in ours) be a section for miscellaneous provisions that can take into account any other terms and conditions that are not otherwise broached in the wider document. 

Advantages of an operating agreement 

The obvious advantage of an operating agreement is in its detail. By outlining clearly every possible aspect of an LLC’s business dealings and how it is structured, every individual who is a member of an LLC knows what is required of them. They also know their legal position should they need it in future if they fear there has been a breach of contract. 

Plus, by having an agreement like this in the first instance, breaches of contract, which lead to mismanagement and ineffectiveness of a firm, are minimized. The result is that a company can be more productive and effective, simply by having a clear operating agreement in place that has been signed by all relevant individuals.  

Contractbook and operating agreement

Our operating agreement template is a fantastic example of an operating agreement that can be used to be a true asset to a firm. Not only does it have key and vital information included, it can be used with the rest of Contractbook’s software to harness any data held within the document too. Contracts can be automated should any events be triggered from the operating agreement, for example. But, ultimately, such a contract’s strength lies in its robustness. Its clarity provides direction for how all members should act which will help any company run better, for longer.

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Tame your chaos with a central place to store and manage contracts, so you can analyze, decide and act quicker.
Tame your chaos with a central place to store and manage contracts, so you can analyze, decide and act quicker.