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In a day and age where there seems to be an app for almost every aspect of our lives, good proposal software is a piece of technology that promises to streamline a crucial activity in many businesses: pitching for work. However, while the premise of it may be simple to understand, grasping the more granular detail of proposal management software is key if you are considering purchasing business proposal software for your firm.

What is proposal software?

Proposal software is technology that can help businesses create and produce proposals quickly and easily. As opposed to having to painstakingly start a proposal from scratch every time a proposal is required, software streamlines the process by taking out many of the repetitive tasks and using data saved on a system to create a proposal far more quickly than a manual process ever could. It can draw in from all aspects of a business so that a more accurate and persuasive proposal can be created - in far less time. 

How does proposal software work?

There are many different providers of proposal software so they will all work in different ways. For example, you can buy a package to install the software onto your computer systems or you can subscribe to online proposal software which will be a web based application. Fundamentally, however, proposal software will work by initially setting up a proposal software template that is then adapted and amended - either manually, or better, with data extracted from wider business networks. 

Good proposal software will also integrate with wider applications so that should a proposal be successful, the relevant documentation that is required (following a proposal acceptance) is automatically generated. That can help sales teams and legal teams talk to each other better and ensures that no time is wasted waiting for the green light to generate contracts that put a proposal into a legally binding agreement. Instead, that can be done so automatically if the right digital documents and formats are used. 

Advantages of proposal software

Proposal software is highly beneficial to any firm - particularly ones that send out multiple proposals regularly. Being able to streamline any repetitive tasks (which a lot of creating proposals is), is a fantastic way to improve productivity and profitability. By freeing up individuals' time by eradicating those repetitive tasks, they can direct their energies far better in other areas of a business. 

Plus, proposal software also helps reduce errors by taking data directly from source. By minimizing human input, the chances of human error is all but eliminated - thus making the final product far better too. There will be no shabby mistakes that can make a proposal look unprofessional. 

Finally, good proposal software will integrate with other computer systems so that other processes that stem from proposals can be streamlined. For example, contracts can be created automatically through effective automation procedures. Again, this frees up personnel time and reduces the chances of errors creeping into legal documentation. 

Contractbook and proposal software

While, at Contractbook, our key aim is to help contracts become the assets they can be, we fully understand that contracts are often created off the back of a proposal. For that reason, it is possible to generate proposals with our software that can then be used to create a legally binding contract - automatically. Nothing is missed, the time to signature is reduced and both legal and marketing teams materially have their administrative burden lessened.

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