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Enter the future of work with an automated workflow worthy of the 21st Century. No more data-entry, no more copy pasting, no more manual routine tasks.

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We have only left the cubicle farms behind in the physical sense.

When it comes to our workflow, we are still spending too much time on tedious and repetitive routine tasks like data entry and copy/pasting.

Contractbook enable you to let automation do all the dirty and boring cubicle work, so you can be free to pursue your real purpose. Whether you want to create, sign, organize, or execute your contracts, we can automate every single step of your contract’s lifecycle.

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Connect with Slack and Teams

Connect Contractbook with our communications and project management tools to increase collaboration and transparency in your organization.

Automate your sales journeys

Connect Contractbook with your CRM-system and automate your entire sales journey for a faster, more cost-efficient and fool-proof process that you can scale endlessly.

Customise your own setup

We can automate your entire contract workflow and integrate with 3000 other apps. Reach out and let us customize a setup just for you.

“We as humans desire things like community, creativity. Missions.”

Read our interview with Wade Foster, CEO in Zapier, on automation, remote work and the future of work.

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Download free guide on workflow automations

The purpose of this ebook is to help you bridge the gap between a manual present and the coming of the smarter future. We will explain what to focus on, and give you some concrete examples on how to improve your workflow here, now and for the future

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