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An intuitive no-code Automation Builder that's easy for anyone to use. Put contract tasks on autopilot and keep data in sync across your documents and tools.

Contract automation

Get things done on autopilot.

Define “WHEN”

Set up a trigger.

An automated workflow starts with a trigger that initiates an action WHEN contract events or actions within external integrations occur.

Define “THEN”

Set up an action.

When a trigger fires, THEN all the actions are executed automatically. The idea is to make these events happen without you having to worry about them.

Look ma, no hands

Enjoy seamless automation between all your tools.

Replace tedious, manual tasks with automated workflows where the data moves seamlessly between your tools with little engagement from your side.


Connect with all the apps you use and love.

Connect to your favorite apps and data sources to build self-executing contracts. Send the data back whenever your contract is signed to keep all your data points in sync.

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For everyone in your business
Compliance Team

Get your legal work streamlined, automated, and under control.

Sales Team

Improve your revenue growth with a faster sales contract workflow.

HR Team

Put HR contracts on autopilot so you can focus on the people.

Operations Team

Grow your business with an automated contract workflow.

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