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May 30, 2022

2022 Trends: Will automation force out sales reps?

Sales reps, relax, you are not under threat. You are the driving force in most companies. The front-facing, often first people that a potential client meets either face to face, via telephone, or over various online meeting platforms.

According to Forbes you have a mighty seven seconds to make a great impression, that is how long it takes to form an opinion. So that being said as a sales rep you need to make a great impression, quickly. The humble sales rep builds and nurtures relationships, you build a culture of trust between the company you represent and the client.

A way to enable sales reps is via automation and the introduction of machines into businesses via AI.

Therefore it is super important that sales reps are enabled, not only in the way that you speak or the way you present, but the way you are able to deliver your company to the potential client and highlight all of the features that will woo them into using your solution. A way to enable sales reps is via automation and the introduction of machines into businesses via AI.

The threat of machines coming into the workspace has long been around they have a host of assets:

  • They do not tire.
  • They are accurate and reliable (unless you have to turn them on and off again - we digress).
  • They can operate to a level that people cannot.
  • They specialize in low complexity and high-frequency tasks.
  • They are also better at data analysis than you.

However, sales is an area that will be relatively untouched and you will not lose your job to a machine. Your job will be facilitated by one. A machine will enable you to perform to a higher standard, but it will never outcompete you.

You however have a host of assets too:

  • A machine feels no empathy like you do. A machine will take the words someone gives it and will solve the issue without actually understanding the associated pain.
  • You have to assess a situation from the words that are delivered to you. Sometimes over the phone or via email you can sense the timing is off. Is it the right time to jump in or do you need to back off a little?
  • Being able to strategize and analyze is your forté. Being able to perform manual and routine tasks is in the wheelhouse of a machine.
  • You can interpret, understand and empathize. You know exactly where a potential client is coming from when they tell you their pain.

A great example of machines enabling sales reps is via automation. You probably sit around copy-pasting endlessly and maybe you have to manually keep your CRM in sync. Here is where automation jumps in and saves you that hassle.

Contractbook’s automations can be used in conjunction with Salesforce to eradicate the tedium of copy and pasting when it comes to creating contracts. You can automate the data transference from the CRM to the contract which ensures speed, accuracy and helps to elevate the mundane routine task.

Safer, faster, and cheaper.

You know, and we know, that copy-pasting is boring, tedious and at times can lead to error, it is human nature, but as we said earlier a machine does not suffer that fate. Automation, in the long run, is safer, faster, and cheaper. So if you have a solution to take away everything that ruins your day leaving you to focus on the things that make your day great - nurturing, and building relationships - everybody wins.

By working together, humans and machines form a perfect harmony. For example, by using Contractbook in conjunction with Salesforce you create a foolproof environment, one that you flourish in. Parts of your work are faster, easier, and more reliable. This leaves you with more time to do what you are good at be it building relationships, rationalizing, or simply just making more calls and securing more deals.

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