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Trainee agreement (fixed term)


(hereinafter jointly referred to as the "Parties" and separately as the "Party")


this employment agreement (hereinafter referred to as the "Agreement") replaces any previous agreements on the employment of the Trainee and will constitute the full agreement between the Parties in relation to the terms of employment.

At the conclusion of this Agreement, the Parties agree that none of the Parties can rely on any previous statements which are not expressed in this agreement.

The Trainee agrees that all business communication, including instructions and information in accordance with this Agreement, is binding if communicated in English without being translated into Danish.


1.1. With effect from START OF EMPLOYMENT (the Starting Date), the Trainee is employed with the Company as a salaried trainee.

1.2. The Employment is limited and will terminate without notice on TERMINATION DATE.

1.3. This Agreement is concluded as a part of the Trainee's education SPECIFY EDUCATION, and during the trainee period, the Trainee will earn NUMBER ETCS credit points.


2.1. The Trainee's primary responsibilities include (but is not limited to):


Further job descriptions can be added separately at any time

2.2. The Trainee must follow the instructions valid at any time for performing the assignments. At the Starting Date, the Trainee will report to INSERT NAME.


3.1. The Trainee's normal place of work is at the Company's office in INSERT LOCATION.

3.2. Further, the Trainee must expect travel and meeting activities according to the Company's instructions, including but not limited to the Company's current and future customers' business addresses, either in or outside Denmark.

3.3. The expected average working hours are approx. INSERT NUMBER OF HOURS hours per week, whereas the working hours per week, however, may vary from week to week. The working hours must be placed within normal office hours which are from 08.00 to 18.00, including a half-hour lunch break (without pay).

3.4. The Trainee has been informed that overtime work may occur and that overtime work may be planned outside the Company's normal office hours.


4.1. The Trainee's monthly salary is INSERT AMOUNT.

4.2. The salary is paid each month in arrears on the last working day in a month. If the last working day in a month is a national holiday, the salary is paid on the day before.


5.1. The Trainee must without undue delay notify the Company of absence due to sickness. The notification must be made directly to INSERT NAME by telephone on INSERT PHONE NUMBER and email on INSERT EMAIL ADDRESS pursuant to the Company's current employee manual. Any omission to do so is regarded as a breach of the employment agreement and may lead to dismissal.

5.2. The Trainee is entitled to pay during sickness.

5.3. The Trainee is entitled to absence in connection with pregnancy, maternity, paternity and parental leave pursuant to the current legislation thereon in force at any time. During a leave, the Trainee is entitled to pay to the extent, and only to the extent, that this complies with mandatory legislation, including the Danish Employers' and Salaried Employees' Act, the Danish Consolidated Act on Entitlement to Leave and Benefits in the Event of Childbirth and the Act on Unemployment Insurance, however only to the extent corresponding to the refund the Company is entitled to in accordance with the Danish Consolidated Act on Entitlement to Leave and Benefits in the Event of Childbirth.


6.1. At the beginning of the employment, the Trainee has informed the company that do not suffer from any chronic disease or similar which may hampability to work.


7.1. The Trainee is entitled to 5 weeks of holiday in accordance with the Holidays Act in force at any time. The Company transfers 12.5% of the salary to Feriekonto in accordance with section 24 of the Holidays Act.

7.2. The Parties agree to derogate from sections 15(2) and 16(1) of the Holidays Act, and the notification of the main holiday is thus reduced to one month and the Company can at any time demand that the Trainee holds their holiday during a termination period, see section 21 of the Holidays Act.

7.3. The Trainee must report all spent holidays and extra holidays in writing to INSERT NAME per email to INSERT EMAIL ADDRESS.


8.1. All intellectual property rights of any kind to texts, graphic material, concepts and other products, including know-how, inventions, works etc. which the Trainee alone or in cooperation with others may produce, discover or further develop during the employment, are notwithstanding the format irrevocably transferred to the Company by the Trainee and must not be copied or in other ways removed from the Company's exclusive disposal. Compensation for such rights is included in the salary.

8.2. Copyright to software developed by the Trainee as a part of the Trainee's performance of job passes to the Company without compensation and without limitations. The copyright to other creations produced by the Trainee during the employment is similarly the property of the Company. Without limitations, the Company is entitled to change any works passed to the Company, and the Company is without any limitations further entitled to transfer such rights to third parties. Moreover, the Company is not obligated to make use of such rights.

8.3. The Trainee agrees to sign any documents which the Company deems necessary or appropriate in order to secure the Company's or its associated companies' rights covered by this provision.

8.4. The Company has the exclusive rights to and is entitled to use the intellectual property rights, including by development, change, production, reproduction, assignment, sale, licensing etc. The Company can apply this Agreement in connection with registration etc. of the rights in question. The Trainee thus has no right to complain of infringements of intellectual rights.

8.5. The Company is not bound by the duty to use in section 54 of the Danish Copyright Act.


9.1. For both the Trainee and the Company, termination of the employment must be made in accordance with the rules of the Employers' and Salaried Employees' Act.

9.2. The employment is fixed-term employment and will terminate without notice on INSERT DATE.

9.3. Notwithstanding clause 9.1, the Parties agree that during the agreed probation period of one month, each Party can terminate the employment with a notice of 14 days before the expiry of the probation period.

9.4. Notwithstanding clause 9.1, if the employee has been absent due to sickness for a total of 120 days over a period of 12 consecutive months, and provided that the Trainee has earned salary during the sickness period, the Company can terminate the employment with a notice of one month to the expiry of a month in accordance with section 5(2) of the Employers' and Salaried Employees' Act.

9.5. The termination of employment during the employment period must be made in writing.

9.6. The Trainee must inform the Company of current address at any time, and a termination of employment notice sent to the address most recently informed by the Trainee is thus considered a legitimate and valid notice.


10.1. The Trainee must observe a duty of confidentiality and is thus obligated not to disclose any information to third parties of the Company's internal affairs, business types, operation, trade secrets or other information regarding the Company or the Company's business connections, including customers, which have not already been disclosed. See sections 1 and 19 of the Danish Marketing Practices Act.

10.2. As a result of the employment, the Trainee is bound by a duty of loyalty which e.g. entails that the Trainee must not perform any competing business during the employment.

10.3. Any breach of the duty of confidentiality and the duty of loyalty is considered a material breach of the employment terms and may, therefore, result in a termination of the employment with immediate effect (dismissal).


11.1. The employment is governed by the provisions of the Employers' and Salaried Employees' Act.

11.2. The employment is not governed by a collective agreement.

11.3. The Parties agree that the Danish courts have exclusive jurisdiction in disputes arising in connection with the employment. The Parties agree that INSERT NAME OF COURT has exclusive jurisdiction for legal disputes in the first instance and that the rules of Danish law will apply.


12.1. This Agreement is signed in two originals of which each Party receives one original.

Template does not constitute any form of legal advice, and the User is at all times encouraged to request external specific legal advice in respect of the execution of legal documents.
Trainee agreement (fixed term)

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What is a trainee agreement?

What exactly is a training agreement? Well, it's a big deal in the world of employment. This document lays out what both the employer and employee are supposed to do regarding training and development. Think of it like a contract, but specifically for training.

But it's about more than just the logistics. The agreement also sets expectations for both sides during the training period. That means it covers how committed you must be, how often you should show up, and what support the employer will give you.

And just like a contract, this agreement is legally binding. That's why it's important to get it right. You want to ensure both parties understand and agree to everything to avoid later problems.

It's also smart to include what happens if someone needs to follow the agreement. There should be consequences, such as the employment ending or the employee having to pay back training costs.

It’s important to remember that a training agreement isn't the same as an employment contract. It has more in common with an internship agreement than an employment contract

In summary, a trainee agreement is like a contract for training. Ensuring it's done right from the start is key to avoiding headaches later.

What’s the difference between training and internships?

Training involves learning new skills or knowledge in a structured setting, such as a classroom or training center. It's usually provided by a company, school, or organization with a formal program or curriculum.

On the other hand, internships offer on-the-job training in a specific field or industry to gain practical experience and develop skills. They're often part of a college or university program and can be paid or unpaid.

The key difference is that training is more formal and focused on acquiring knowledge, while internships provide hands-on experience in a real-world setting.

Training and internships offer valuable experiences, but they have distinct characteristics:

  • Purpose: Training aims to teach new skills or knowledge to employees, while internships provide hands-on experience to students or recent graduates.
  • Duration: Training programs are shorter, lasting from a few hours to days, while internships span weeks to months.
  • Compensation: Training is often unpaid, whereas internships may offer payment or be unpaid.
  • Supervision: Training is led by experienced professionals, while internships involve supervision from seasoned experts.
  • Learning outcomes: Training focuses on specific skills or knowledge, while internships emphasize practical experience and industry exposure.
  • Eligibility: Training is typically for employees, whereas internships are open to students or recent grads.

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Trainee agreement (fixed term)
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Trainee agreement (fixed term)

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