Employment Contract (Fixed Payment)

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Employment Contract (Fixed Payment)

1. Appointment and Duration

1.1 The Company shall employ the Employee and the Employee shall work for the Company under the terms of this agreement.

1.2 The Employment shall commence on DATE and shall continue (subject always to the terms of this agreement) until terminated by either party serving notice in accordance with the provisions set out below.

1.3 The first DATE months of the Employment shall be a probationary period and the Company may terminate the Employment at any time during this period on X weeks’ notice.

2. Duties

2.1 The Employee shall be employed as JOB TITLE or such other role as the Company may require from time to time having regard to the needs of the business and the Employee’s skills, qualifications and experience.

2.2 Details of the Employee’s duties will be communicated upon commencement of employment. The Company reserves the right to vary the Employee’s duties from time to time as may be required by the business.

3. Place and hours of work

3.1 The Employee’s ordinary place of work will primarily be LOCATION but a different location may occur from time to time.

3.2 The Employee’s normal hours of work shall be TIME to TIME from Monday to Friday.

3.3 The Employee may from time to time be required to work such additional hours as are necessary for the proper performance of his duties. The Employee acknowledges that he/she shall not receive any additional remuneration for any such additional hours worked by him.

4. Salary

4.1 The Employee shall be paid a basic salary of AMOUNT per month. Payment will be made in arrears in equal monthly instalments and shall accrue from day to day. The salary will be paid out to the Employee on the E.G. FIRST BANK DAY OF A NEW MONTH.

4.2 The Employee acknowledges that the Company may at any time deduct from his basic salary, or such other amounts as may be owed to the Employee, any sums that may be owed by the Employee to the Company including, but not limited to, overpayment of annual leave, unauthorised expenses and outstanding loans.

5. Holiday

5.1 The holiday year runs from DATE TO DATE.

5.2 The Employee is entitled to NUMBER days holiday in any holiday year. In addition, the Employee will be entitled to the usual bank and public holidays as are recognised in COUNTRY.

5.3 The Employee may not, without the prior written consent of the Company carry forward more than NUMBER days holiday from one holiday year to the next.

6. Sickness or injury

6.1 In the event that the Employee is absent from work due to sickness or injury, he will inform his supervisor as soon as possible and will provide regular updates as to his recovery, and as far as practicable will inform his supervisor of his expected date of return to work.

6.2 If the Employee is absent from work due to sickness or injury for more than seven consecutive days the Employee must obtain a medical certificate from his doctor and submit it to his supervisor.

6.3 For any period of absence due to sickness or injury the Employee will be paid statutory sick pay only, provided that he satisfies the relevant requirements. The Employee’s qualifying days for statutory sick pay purposes are Monday to Friday.

7. Confidential Information

7.1 The Employee acknowledges that during the Employment he shall have access to and use of confidential information.

7.2 The Employee agrees that he will not (other than in the proper course of his duties under this agreement), either during the employment or at any time thereafter (unless authorised to do so by the Company in writing) directly or indirectly (i) use for his own benefit or the benefit of any third party or (ii) disclose or permit the disclosure of any Confidential Information.

7.3 The Employee agrees that he will at all times use his best endeavours to protect the confidential information and prevent the unlawful disclosure or publication of it.

7.4 The restrictions on the Employee’s use of Confidential Information shall not apply to:

Confidential information which comes into the public domain other than in consequence of his unlawful disclosure;

any information which the Employee has acquired other than through the performance of his duties for the Company; or

any information which is required to be disclosed by the Employee by order of a court of competent jurisdiction or an appropriate regulatory authority or otherwise required by law.

8. Conflict of interest

8.1 During the Employment the Employee shall not undertake any paid or unpaid work for any other company, firm or organisation without the written approval of the Company.

9. Termination of employment

9.1 Subject to the following, the Company may terminate the Employment by giving to the Employee NUMBER months’ written notice.

9.2 Subject to the following, the Employee may terminate the Employment by giving to the Company NUMBER months’ written notice.

9.3 The Company reserves the right, at its discretion, to terminate the Employment immediately without giving the period of notice referred to above by paying to the Employee his basic salary (fewer deductions of tax and national insurance) in lieu of all or part of his notice period as the case may be. Such payment in lieu of notice shall not include any element in relation to any holiday entitlement that the Employee would have accrued had he worked the full period of notice.

10. Company Policies

10.1 The Employee is subject to the Company’s disciplinary and grievance policies, copies of which can be obtained from INSERT. The disciplinary and grievance policies are not contractual in effect and do not form part of the Employee’s contract of employment.

10.2 The Company may suspend the Employee for a period of up to INSERT weeks for the purposes of carrying out a disciplinary investigation into any allegations that might be raised against him. During such period of suspension, the Employee will receive his usual pay and benefits.

11. Collective Agreements

11.1 There are no collective agreements which affect the Employment.

12. Entire Agreement

12.1 The Employee and the Company acknowledge and agree that the provisions of this agreement set out the entire agreement and understanding between them and that it supersedes all prior discussions, arrangements or agreements that might have taken place in relation to the Employment.

13. Amendments

13.1 No amendments to this agreement shall be valid or binding upon the parties unless it is recorded in writing and signed by or on behalf of the parties.

14. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

14.1 This agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of COUNTRY.

14.2 Each of the parties irrevocably submits for all purposes in connection with this agreement to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of INSERT COURTS.

15. Other terms


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