“Contractbook improves our customer-relations”

A smart digital setup gives a good first impression which improves the customer-relations and increases the closing-rate.

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“Contractbook improves our customer-relations”

As a marketing agency, sales agreements hold a high value for Webbler. Previously, they stored their customer agreements in email correspondences which made them hard to find and made it problematic to manage when they had to refer to contracts and discuss specific terms with their clients. Moreover, it was hard for them to monitor the status of the contract and gain a clear overview of the sales circle.

“We are yet to hear from a customer or business partner who did not find Contractbook easy and quick”

Webbler uses Contractbook to handle all their contracts; from customer agreements, collaboration agreements, employment contracts and data processing agreements. By using a digital and intuitive tool to negotiate, collaborate and sign contracts, they also give their customers a more professional first impression. Furthermore, they have improved their sales setup and increased their closing-rate since they have a clear overview of their pending contracts.

Digital Marketing


Webbler is a digital marketing agency that works with advertising across a variety of online platforms: Email marketing, Facebook advertising, Google Ads, SEO.

The Greatest Value:
Increased closing-rate

The closing-rate increases when the contract is quick to sign and you have given a professional first-impression.

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Using a totally digital setup is not only quicker and easier. It is also making Talentgarden waste way less paper.