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May 30, 2022

Operations: How Burd Delivery automated employee onboarding for scale

Mat Twells
Content writer

Since joining forces with Contractbook, Burd Delivery, has streamlined their recruitment by automating their procedures allowing for consistency, speed, and aiding legally binding employment contracts for potential employees. Here's how they are doing it.

Streamling recruitment with Contractbook

Recruitment already seems a straightforward process. Person ‘A’ applies for a job, then receives an interview, maybe a second one, and then a yes or no decision and a contract offered or presented. Pretty simple process it would seem.

But recruitment is a painstakingly time-consuming process. So why not automate it and save that time and use it elsewhere? I mean if you can aggregate data and information and utilize it accordingly, to facilitate the decision-making process quicker, you would right? That is what Burd Delivery did.

Contract Drafter

To date, Burd Delivery has created and had signed 959 legally binding documents within Contractbook via a drafter setup. For those in the audience that are not familiar with drafter, it provides a type of question and answer format whereby the answers formulate the contract material.

Contractbook became an integral part of Burd Delivery’s automated onboarding process.

Essentially whenever a new employee contacts Burd Delivery on their website, they receive a form where they can type in some basic information about themselves. Based on that information, an employment contract is auto-generated and sent for signature. Once the contract is signed, it self-executes.

Ta-da! Just like that!!

Burd Delivery now scales up using Contractbook to their advantage, because when they hire they do so on a contractual basis, which means a possible high turnover of contracts in and out, and from the first moment a potential new colleague comes forward and makes contact the process is automated.

Click the image to hear just what RevOps is, and where it is headed.

It does not just stop at first contact. Prospects receive further information to aid their onboarding process, of course, you may ask when they can expect to receive any human interaction, of course, Burd Delivery has people onboard that use all of the resulting data from automated manual tasks... and place the human aspect at the forefront of their recruitment processes.

Scale exponentially with Contractbook

In a nutshell. The data within contracts generated via Contractbook has enabled Burd Delivery to scale exponentially, and the user experience is as consistent as the contracts themselves. The work involved is sped up, but without legal error, allowing the freedom to create and expand seamlessly with ease.

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