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Bonzer tripled their output by scaling their sales contracts with Contractbook




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Contractbook has tripled our output,” CEO Ulrich Svarrer.

Bonzer has scaled from a small startup to a flourishing international business and used Contractbook all the way to improve their output and gain better control.

Bonzer tripled their output by scaling their sales contracts with Contractbook
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Scaling contract management

Bonzer is a digital marketing agency specializing in SEO. In fact, this Copenhagen-based agency is known to be the leading SEO expert in Northern Europe. 

They’ve been using Contractbook almost since they were founded. Over the years, they’ve grown from a handful of employees in Denmark to a 50-person company with offices in Sweden and Norway. Along the way, Bonzer has scaled their setup to match current needs and company status. Through all those years, they’ve remained happy customers - no matter the size or stage of their company. 

Scaling is almost always a positive story. It’s a sign of growth and success. But it also comes with specific challenges. You must develop a new organization with new decision-makers, tasks and employees. You can quickly lose oversight, spend too much time on nitty-gritty details or miss essential decisions. 

For Bonzer, one of those scalability challenges emerged in their sales process. In the old days, all Bonzer’s contracts were managed by their SEO, Ulrich Svarrer. He had to send and sign a contract with every new customer, which caused him to be a bottleneck. Every time, he had to get familiar with the use case to prepare the contract and know what he signed up for, which was an awful waste of his time and energy.

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Central control, more independence

Contractbook makes it easy to adjust and scale your contract management setup. They have a streamlined and smooth workflow without bottlenecks and efficiencies. 

From a central account, Bonzer can control the sales agreement templates and make sure everyone works with the same updated versions. These templates are then delegated to the sales reps, so that Bonzer’s sales reps can create, send and sign their own deals based on those templates. Meanwhile, Ulrich Svarrer and his ops team can still keep track of all the deals as they have access to all contracts and can follow how the deals progress. 

All the signed contracts are organized with tags and folders so that only the relevant stakeholders can access the contracts and the templates they are involved in. That means Bonzer has a much better overview of their legal documents while staying in control of who has access to what. 

That way, they don’t have to wait for approval, nobody sends out the wrong version of a contract, and everyone can focus on what they’re good at - whether leading a team or closing deals. 

A tripled output

When we talked to Ulrich Svarrer, he mentioned the two main benefits he got from using Contractbook. First of all, his Contractbook setup has tripled his output. He can truly scale his sales organization and grow his company without being a bottleneck. 

Secondly, he said: “We now have independent employees and increased central control at one and the same time.” In other words, his employees can work independently to close their deals and reach their targets, enabling Bonzer to close more deals faster. Meanwhile, Ulrich and his management team have a much better overview of their contracts. They can track the progress, see who’s performing, and ensure that all their contracts comply with their standards. 

All your contracts, managed 

Contracts are your company’s single source of truth. Contractbook’s contract management software is made to empower small and medium-sized businesses to turn manual processes into automated workflows. 

We believe that anyone should be able to work effortlessly with contracts, regardless of role or familiarity. 

Contractbook can be tailored to sales teams, HR teams, legal departments, and ops teams in all sizes.

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