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“Our team-setup on Contractbook has tripled our output.”

With a Team-setup on Contractbook Bonzer has more independent employees and more central control at the same time.

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“Our Team-setup on Contractbook has tripled our output”

Bonzer is a digital marketing agency that uses a Team-setup on Contractbook to manage their sales efforts. Before they upgraded to a team, all Bonzers contracts were handled through Ulrich's account. That took up a lot of time and made Ulrich a bottleneck since the business developers had to send contracts in Ulrichs name. He therefore had to spend time getting familiar with the case in order to prepare the contract and know what he signed.

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“We now have independent employees and increased central control at one and the same time.”

Now, Bonzer give business developers their own stack of essential tools with their own log-in so they can develop and scale better. They have their own profiles, their own contracts and their own way of doing things. Contracts are now sent without getting by Ulrich every time. Nevertheless, Ulrich has more control than before as he can monitor everything from his central account: he can see when they get new customers, follow different steps in the onboarding and easily see if someone is not closing enough deals since he can compare the number of signed contracts to the number of send contracts across the whole team. As all contracts are organised in the right folders and only the relevant templates are relevant to his business developer, he gets a better overview of the deals made and security that the contracts match his expectations. Read the whole story.

The greatest value:

Increased output

By setting up a team-structure you can optimise processes and boost your productivity by having centralised control and more independent salesmen
Power up your work with smart automations and customised integrations
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