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When a prospective seller shows interest in using Dreivers via their website, a deal is automatically created in their CRM, and a welcome email is sent to the seller. From here, the deal moves through the stages that are outlined in Dreivers’s CRM. Each of these stages are associated with one or several automatic tasks, as well as manual tasks that have to be completed by either Dreivers or their end-customer.

Around half of all tasks throughout a deal’s lifecycle have been automated and the contract management tasks are almost reduced down to drag and drop actions in Dreivers’s CRM.

Dreivers were able to cut down working hours spent on each deal by 30%

The results

By adopting Contractbook’s contract automation flow, Dreivers have seen an astounding reduction in working-hours and costs associated with each sale. Working-hours have been reduced with a staggering 30% which has led to a calculated 25% reduction in costs.

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