“Contractbook shows the real value in a digital workflow”

To match their own modern workflow, STAMBZ is using a time-saving setup with a Typeform-integration.

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“Contractbook shows the real value in a digital workflow”

STAMBZ is a loyalty-app that replaces the stamp cards at your favourite places with digital stamps in an app. One of their key selling points is that their digital stamp is both easier, smarter and better for the environment as it spares the paper and cardboards. However, that fitted badly with their old way of handling contracts, where they had to bring printed paper contracts to be signed and scanned when their salesmen closed a new deal with a shop. Consequently, they needed a system that was equivalent to their own ways of doing things to showcase the true value of digital workflow.

“The integration with Typeform has been a real modernisation of our business”

To match their own modern workflow, STAMBZ is using a Contractbook setup with a Typeform-integration. In this way, their customers can fill out a short digital questionnaire and based on their answers, a contract is generated to be signed in the shop. The workflow is 100 % digital, friendly towards the environment and easy for all parties to the contract. In this way, STAMBZ shows the real value of digital products and they complete the modern and environmentally conscious feel to their brand.

Digital app


STAMBZ is a loyalty app with digital stamp cards for cafées and restaurants.

The Greatest Value:

Using modern, digital tools expresses professionalism and gives customers a better first-impression.

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Using a totally digital setup is not only quicker and easier. It is also making Talentgarden waste way less paper.