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CCO @ Texta

“Contractbook spare us a printer nightmare and unnecessary paperwork”

TEXTA is completely paperless which gives them better overview, spare them for printer-problems and protects the environment.

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“Contractbook spare us a printer nightmare and unnecessary paperwork”

TEXTA has experienced a lot of growth the past years. That is a good thing, but it has also resulted in a huge physical stacks of documents, folders and archives. They also wasted a lot of time on printing, scanning and sending documents. Furthermore, they found it increasingly hard and time-consuming to find specific documents. In short, they had a growing stack of documents and no way to organise, manage and coordinate they contract management without wasting time.

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"Not only are we protecting the environment by not printing. By signing digitally, we also support it through Contractbook's awesome forestation project"

Today, TEXTA use Contractbook to manage all their documents - new and old. Whether it is employment agreements, supply agreements or minutes. As all documents are stored in the cloud, they have become paperless and they avoid the monthly nightmare with a printer that does not work. Moreover, they get a higher degree of knowledge sharing and insight as everyone in the team easily and quickly can find a specific agreement. It is impossible to loose overview, when everything is gathered at one digital place. As a an environmentally conscious company, it also means a lot to them than they can support forestation of the world by signing their contracts with us.

The greatest value:

The environment

Keeping contracts digital saves your from wasting too much paper and therefore saves the trees. The forest is for picnics, not paper. Our reforestation projekt makes sure that there is more of it.
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