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May 30, 2022

5 Cool .new shortcuts - Right .now

Mat Twells
Content writer

Now that you have hopefully started using and have sped up your contract creation to a lightning 6 seconds, you are now performing like the Usain Bolt of law, and have potentially gained a yearly windfall of 50,400 seconds of your life back to do whatever you like - maybe fly to Singapore for no reason other than you have time to burn, start, or find a use for the useless PDFs you have scattered around by creating a PDF flipbook with Now you can put them in the computers trash all at the same time? is quite literally the fastest way to a new contract. We’ve previously discussed the future of working from home, what about the now? Pimp up your team’s next Google Meet with a few of these shortcuts and save even more time.

There is nothing as time-consuming as scrolling mindlessly on the internet. With you can optimize this zombie-browsing significantly. Just type in, you will automatically be redirected to a random site on the internet. The last time I tried, I ended at Streetview inside the White House. I haven’t been there before, so that was kind of interesting.

This is something we use all the time in Contractbook. We have countless short calls during the day, so getting into the habit of just typing to get a new Google Meet room can save us a lot of hassle.

Hey budding geniuses! Sometimes inspiration strikes you like a bolt from the blue sky. You need to capture those moments. Waste no time on superfluous clicks, just type, and you will be going with a new blog post on Medium so you can channel your genius thoughts into an original piece of content.

Ever been walking down the street and felt the need to add something to a calendar? Me neither. Though if you did, is another brilliant little time-saving hack that will make your life so much easier. It enables you to create a new calendar event in an instant. If you are using Google Calendar for work or play, you need to know about this shortcut.

We could have mentioned by Stripe, by Ziprecruiter or by Microsoft, but none of those would be as fun as Kahoots It’s for all the times you and your friends need to create a new Quiz pretty quickly. You probably know what I am talking about—nevertheless, a huge shoutout to Kahoot. We are using Kahoot a lot in Contractbook - mostly for fun teambuilding activities in our remote team - and we love it.

Bad news for all the web surfing clicky dolphins out there... Less clicking, more creating as Google says on where you can get an overview of all the .new domains out there.

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