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6 habits your boss will wish you had not picked up during the Covid-19 pandemic

Mat Twells
Content writer

Are we headed back to offices for good? Who knows. During the pandemic, we have been able to realize the true impact of how we work. Remote working was something new, businesses were forced into situations that they would never normally undertake, some of those situations have been positive and some detrimental on an individual level.

Trust in the workforce is something very new in some places. Some businesses will continue to work remote first, some like Contractbook were already remote first before the pandemic so adjustments were a little easier. Then there are companies that for decades have invested heavily in office spaces, the thought of those sitting empty while we all work at home is enough to make any business owner quiver to say the least.

In the U.S.A. 30% of people said they would quit if made to go back to the office. Teams with an operational focus are the nucleus of the company and ensure that the fundamentals are in place and for that to happen synergy is vital, cross-departmental functionality ensures little time is wasted, maximizing the output in other teams. Here we look at some habits you may have picked up and how the adjustments to normality could play out.

1. Turning up to work in your jammies:

Going out on a limb here but I am guessing the majority of people who secretly, or not so secretly, have been aching for the option to work from home for decades have been working in pajamas for months. I mean it isn't like the people you see on the commute would frown upon it when walking from the bedroom to the living room.

The issue here is that as we around the world start to emerge from this period in our lives, the more the world will frown upon you hitting the metro or subway in your jammies, one caveat to this would be if everyone did it, if we all commuted in jammies the world would be less judgy. You could also get away with it if you drive to work, granted, however when you are in the office at what point does your boss step in and say no to the onesie?

Work-life balance has taken a hit, I am sure that I am not the only one that has developed some sort of cabin fever. Your office is now your bed, living room, dining table... the very same places that other activities take place, it is all very weird actually as you start to realign your routine to what it was previously.

Do you buy into the idea that if you dress smart your productivity increases because of the mindset alteration? For example, if you put on a three-piece your mind alters to a formal work mindset are you really more likely to smash those goals wearing a suit than if you wear pajamas?

2. Your desk and surrounding areas resemble a petting zoo:

Food delivery services have been utilized more than ever over the course of the pandemic and still get us through the day morning, noon and night. That morning commute, grab a coffee from Starbucks or some other joint has changed a little right? I like the fact that people have found the idea of having morning coffee and breakfast delivered.

Now when you head over to the desk when you get back to the office you have to clean up your act a little. You can eat at your desk, but that sandwich or croissant has sat there for way too long, and the floor, well, come on that is now resembling a goat shed.

What you eat, and how you eat, will have a direct impact on your performance and consequently the business' performance in key areas. Should you dump the delivery apps? No. Convenience can aid productivity no matter where you are, should food choices change? yes. Always. Healthy body healthy mind. Calf raises at your desk are good, eating like a baby calf is a no, stop it...

3. Online shopping.

You cannot take delivery of your groceries at the office and strip the office fridge freezer to make room for your frozen goods. Not acceptable.

Likewise, if the courier delivering a parcel fails to recognize you because you are not wearing pajamas and cradling cereal, time to make a change. Did you know that online shopping has become an obsession, almost compulsive? No wonder Jeff Besos stepped down at Amazon, as if he was not rich enough before the pandemic, during Covid-19 online shopping has pounded our wallets, purses, and bank accounts.

The only sales agreements you need to make are the ones that are going to make through using Contractbook.

4. Excercise. or exorcise?

Tying into the last section. Convenience is good to a degree, as long as the right choices are made for your mind and body and they contribute effectively to your job. Will you have the energy in your body and mind to close deals using this wonderful platform we have developed if you're in a food coma?

There are demons to exorcise here. Calf raises at your desk will improve blood flow, get the heart rate up and alleviate some of that fatigue in the body that has set in since all you have been doing is sitting and lying and sitting some more.

Your mind will benefit from the exercise too. Endorphins, or something like that, increase in your brain and make you feel good which in turn will make you more energetic. Your personal performance will increase in terms of efficiency - Did you know that with exercise, creativity, learning, concentration, and memory all improve.

5. Hangovers are not a good look (see all of the above and lump them together - are you serious?).

You may get away with a hangover on your at-home workday and your daily commute to the living room. You cannot though turn up at work in your jammies, food in your beard, and hungover. This is not efficient. Cross department efficiency makes the world go around.

To throw in a cliché. The way we work in our businesses is paramount to the success we want to achieve, we are all cogs turning at once and the most efficient well-oiled machines always work best. I am sure there were three clichés there.

Alcohol consumption around the world has been soaring through this period of time, in America 1 in 3 people have been likely to drink during work hours. To journalists and teachers, nothing new, but when you are a well-oiled law firm, maybe don't do that.

6. No! You cannot have a Tuesday bar!

See all of the above.

In all seriousness. These 6 habits you may not know you have possibly developed. Heading back to the office for some will be a welcome event, for others being forced to go back will be a wrench. An individual approach to work is the better solution, welcome to the 21st century and the most connected generation and with that, we are able to keep track of our tasks, communicate wherever we are in the world, be efficient and consistent. How do we do this? Through using solutions that are adaptable, solutions that are dynamic, and solutions that businesses can integrate.

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