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STAMBZ: Securing sales a few questions at a time

Mat Twells
Content writer

What is the best way to learn something about someone? How does someone do something? Where do you work? Why do you do that? How do you do that so well? What is the biggest struggle you have in your sales process? The answer to these questions is, actually, asking questions. By asking questions we learn more about the subject and the more we know the more we can use that information to our own benefit. Knowledge is important, knowledge saves time and it means that you do not waste opportunities. Of course in sales time is of the essence, time is money.

Just ask STAMBZ, a loyalty app that replaces stamp cards at your favorite places with digital stamps in an app. They use a Contractbook flow which includes Typeform, whereby they use exactly this method - Asking questions. Determine the answers, and consequently the outcomes. By doing so they are able to secure sales on the spot, not wasting time and giving customers the runaround.

How does STAMBZ work?

One of their key selling points is that their digital stamp is both easier, smarter, and better for the environment as it spares paper and cardboard. However, this conflicted with their old way of handling contracts, where they had to bring printed paper contracts to be signed and scanned when their salesmen closed a new deal with a shop. Consequently, they needed an automated system that was equivalent to their own ways of doing things to showcase the true value of digital workflow.

By asking questions we do not mean interrogation. These are strategic. This is the great thing about a digital platform that enables the user to have access to data within. You can use the questions to enhance and speed up the workflow and help reduce, if not eliminate, human error. The answers that potential customers give then help populate contracts that can be signed in real-time. I mean what better way for a customer to interact for the first time than to leave knowing that no stone has been unturned to provide them with the outcome that they desired.

What do you gain by using STAMBZ?

The ability to finalize deals on the go is not the only incentive for collaboration with Contractbook. What about keeping a complete overview of your sales prospects and contracts with an organized library. You never know when you will be contacted by a client, so the ability to have everything at your fingertips is imperative to the way STAMBZ work.

Of course, we know that just because the sale is done and secured the process does not stop there, because further collaboration with other departments is a must, once the deal is done, finance will take over.

I guess what we are trying to say is that STAMBZ and others take full advantage of having their data available to them, whenever they want it. Control can be a term often maligned, but you need it. You can rest assured that you, your teams, your organization are in full control of their workflow, through every single step.

So stop wasting time on outdated processes, follow STAMBZ’s example by preventing legal risk when using an up-to-date solution, by organizing your contracts to ensure you never miss an obligation. There's no structure or blueprint to how contracts are handled, what we do know is people are using outdated contract templates that hold no water and do not stand up and this is an opportunity to stand out from the rest.

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