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July 13, 2022

Why Are Digital Signatures Trending in Hawaii?

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Digital signatures have been around for several years, but they’re starting to gain traction in Hawaii.

This growing adoption of digital signatures comes from several factors, including increased awareness of this digital technology and a drop in the cost of acquiring and implementing solutions. Many Hawaii-based businesses now require their employees to have access to  digital signatures.

Read on to learn more about why digital signatures are trending in Hawaii and how it has transformed Hawaii's business transactions and government operations.

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Factors Driving the Increasing Demand for Digital Signatures in Hawaii

The main reason why digital signature is trending in Hawaii is because it speeds up the turnaround time for document signing, making business operations more efficient. 

Hawaii is one of America's most isolated states. More than half of the land area is covered by mountains and valleys. Once you've printed off your document and sent it out for signature, the hilly landscape and tricky intersections can delay your paper from reaching collaborators in time. 

Another reason Hawaii businesses are switching to digital signatures is the need for improved security. A wet signature can be forged easily, and there is no way to prove the signer's identity or trace it back to them. 

The lack of proof and encryption can reduce its credibility. Hawaii has witnessed some document forgery cases in recent years, adopting digital signatures appears the only promising way to deal with this problem.

Finally, digital signatures are gaining popularity in Hawaii because businesses need to communicate more effectively with customers. Many customers prefer to receive their bills and source documents electronically. Sending a wet signature could interfere with their schedule, so it's best to leverage digital signatures to enable them to sign more conveniently.

How Digital Signatures Improve Businesses in Hawaii

1. It increases efficiency within businesses and government offices

On the 10th of October, 2016, Governor David Y. Ige proclaimed the Electronic Records Day in Hawaii to conserve resources and speed up the process within government offices. He said:

"We are reducing the amount of paper used and saving valuable time that can be better used working on issues facing the state."

Consequently, different sectors of Hawaii's economy adopted digital signatures. Government personnel sign documents five times faster and newly hired government officials now spend less than 30 minutes filling out onboarding paperwork instead of 2.5 hours with wet signatures. 

With a digital signature, you don't have to waste time transporting your contracts through the narrow roads or the disconnected islands of Hawaii. The collaborators or signatories to the document will be able to access them remotely on their electronic devices.

2. It reduces paper and saves the environment

Saving paper is a win-win for any organization. It saves money and resources and also reduces the amount of waste that ends up in landfills. Paper also takes up space and requires energy to dispose. By using digital signatures, Businesses in Hawaii reduce the amount of paper they use. 

Ultimately, this method of signing documents translates into the felling of fewer trees yearly. A popular estimate reveals that signing 64,000 documents digitally instead of on paper saves 23,840 pounds of wood, 73,132 gallons of water, and 6,150 pounds of waste. 

Businesses interested in supporting sustainable development can take advantage of digital signatures to draw nearer to their goal.

3. It improves team workflows

Digital signatures boost sales team's efficiency by allowing employees to sign off on their work. When dealing with sensitive information, the system would leave a clear record of who made the changes. This makes it easier for everyone to know who has access to the data and when, to ensure unauthorized users do not tamper with the document.

Moreover, giving your entire sales team access to the same data can lead to faster lead response times and improved messaging in your sales interactions. 

Digital signatures help HR personnel authenticate the identity of individuals seeking employment with organizations. Other areas of HR to apply digital signature include performance management, benefits administration, and payroll.

4. It maintains compliance and security

A digital signature proves the signatory's identity using a unique pattern that can be mathematically compared to a person's fingerprint. This allows each user to have a digital signature that cannot be duplicated precisely by another person. 

In other words, it can help you verify that a person signing a contract really is who they say they are. This can help reduce fraudulent activity on both the buyer and seller sides by creating a credible record of transactions. 

It can also prove that no other person altered a document was not after it was signed. Storing confidential information within an escrowed repository allows compliance with legal requirements such as HIPAA or PCI DSS.

How to Start Using Digital Signatures in Hawaii?

If you're ready to explore the benefits of digital signature, you should first select a reliable software provider. A digital signature brand like Contractbook can help you automate manual contract management processes. 

This tool enables you to do everything from creating contracts and tracking inputs to automating workflows, and collaborating with your team and external guests. A happy Contractbook user has this to say about our software:

We have a great overview of all our documents. Our team has easy access to all the right templates, we can follow our contracts through their lifecycle, and it's easy to see what is the next step in the process. - Mads Vieth (CFO, Vigo)

Another unique feature of Contractbook is that it enables you to integrate with the tools you already use. If you're unsure what this means, you can book a demo to see how it works.

Final Thoughts

The ability to keep up with the trend distinguishes successful businesses from average ones. Digital signing is more of a necessity than a luxury for Hawaii-based businesses. It can provide an additional layer of security that prevents losses and wins customers' trust. Do you have any questions about the potential of a digital signature for your business? Contact us today to learn how this technology can elevate your business operations.

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