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Power up your contract management with our new automation. The “electromagnetic” Gmail importer extracts all your contracts and uploads them to a single organised overview in Contractbook.

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Here is how it works


Log in to Contractbook, and find the importer on your documents list.


When opened, log in with your Gmail and choose the domains you want to import contracts from.


Press “Import” and give it a few minutes to extract the contracts


Select the contracts you want to upload and press “Upload to Contractbook”


The imported contracts will now be shown in a private folder called “From Gmail”. This will only have taken a few minutes.

Import documents

The Gmail importer works with:

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Unlock the true potential of contract management

Everything in one place

Get a complete overview of all your legal documents to gain a better understanding of your legal situation, fulfil your obligations and mitigate legal risks.

Work smarter

Create tasks, set reminders, and access analytics to make sure your contracts are effectuated, and your work is optimised throughout the entire lifecycle of your contracts.

Future-proof your business

Streamline the data in your contracts and get ready for a data-driven future where AI and machine learning will help you to better contracts.

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