The past, present and future of legal tech

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May 19, 2021
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About the Event

Did the legal tech-movement begin in the 1970s? What is causing the current boom in legal tech? And what will happen once the pandemic is over?

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The past, present and future of legal tech

The Legal Tech Academy is back with another thrilling edition of our webinar series. This time we have invited Richard Tromans (the mastermind behind Artificial Lawyer), the danish expert in legal innovation Torsten Torpe from Bech-Bruun, and the legal tech veteran Rob Ambrogi who's running LawSites for a discussion about the history of legal tech, an analysis of the status quo and a look into the crystal ball.

Did the legal tech revolution really start in the 1970s? What impact did the 2008 financial crisis have on the movement? What is causing the current boom in legal tech? What impact will the pandemic have? And where will the legal tech scene be in 5-10 years from now? 

Those are all good questions. And they are all going to be answered in our webinar.

So tune in on May 19th at 16pm (CEST) and bring your notebooks! 

Your hosts are as always Mikkel Boris from Contractbook and Alexandra Andhov from The University of Copenhagen.

And our guests will be:

Richard Tromans, Artificial Lawyer.

Torsten Torpe, Bech-Bruun.

Rob Ambrogi, LawSites.

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